Thursday, August 04, 2005


Homeschool Donation Fund

We are thinking about setting up a fund for homeschooling activites. Gryphon would really like to take Guitar lessons this fall and we probably won't be able to afford it in full. If anyone would like to donate to this fund we'll let you know how!

More on this later!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Sun and Fun!

Today we woke up early and went to Rowan's for Breakfast. Gryphon played in the crab apple tree in her yard for a bit and then came in and worked with the K'NEX toys in the toy box.

Later he and Troy (Rowan's dad) worked on some dino drawings. Troy was into dino's as a child and is a very good artist. He and Gryphon talked about dinosaurs and Gryphon drew a few different types including his favorites, Podasucas, lypluridon and of course some pterasaurs (I'm totally guessing at the spelling here people!)

Rowan had brought up the topic of religion and Gryphon and I had a discussion on the way home about that. He's too little in my opinion to be bogged down with something so heavy at his age. He informed me that he didn't believe in gods or goddesses but he did believe in myths and wizards and knights and airplanes (see what I mean about not being able to understand?) I explained that my being Pagan means for me that I believe in the sacredness of the earth and that he is free to choose his own path when he's older for himself. I told him I only wanted him to be respectful of every living thing and to be thankful of the earth and what it provides for us. This led to a discussion of why we need things like sun, water, air etc.. and Gryphon and I talked for awhile about how things could live (or not live) without these elements.

He thought at first that we could still function without the sun. "We could just light lots of candles!" and then we talked about how we would not be able to eat without the sun to provide the plants with nourishment and how all life as we know it would die on the earth without the major elements. He came up with a lot of really neat theory's on how we could do without them but then I think he finally saw how we needed each element. I led this back into a discussion of the theory on how the dinosaurs died (asteroid collision, dust cloud blocking out the sun) By the time we got to grandmom's to go swimming he was naming things we needed and how they benefited us. "We need electricity for the telephone poles or we wouldn't' be able to use phones"

Swam in the pool, Gryphon is getting more and more comfortable in the water, He was able to jump from the ladder today and even jumped in and got his whole head wet. I didn't get to see him though and he wasn't able to do it again. I told him at the beginning of the summer that if he could get his whole head wet I would get him a knights kingdom toy. He is doing great at putting his face in and holding his breath.
Thomas the train video, played DDR at home, and played making traps with Daddy and then had a bedtime story "Gerta the Goose"

Ruby: pivoting more, teething bad, little fever, had some butternut and corn for dinner. Enjoyed the pool and the baby float. Enjoyed being pushed on the swing at grandmom's and dancing at home to the DDR music. MY GIRL LOVES TO DANCE!!!!!

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